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At Spun we love any excuse for a party! Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, or even to mark the end of exams!

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At Spun we love Any excuse for a party!

We firmly believe that you can have a celebration whenever you want, for whatever reason you want! After all, who needs a reason to spend time with family and friends having fun together? So, to inspire you to get our host hat out, we’ve come up with a few reasons for us to throw you an unforgettable party. So go ahead: text your friends, pop the champagne and let us organise the best party you’ve ever had!

1. Birthdays – We cater for all ages from five years up to 100!

2. Hen Parties – How could you not celebrate such a joyous occasion?! 

3. Baby Shower – Throw an unforgettable baby shower for the mum-to-be!

4. Engagement – You’ve got that super sparkly ring on your finger, now it’s time to celebrate!

5. End of Exams – After their hard work, they deserve a celebration to remember.

6. Wedding Anniversaries – Why not celebrate the day on which you first met!

7. New job or Retirement – Whether it’s an exciting new opportunity to advance your career or you’ve finished work for good, why not get friends and family together to celebrate a new phase of your life.

8. Saying thank you – We all have someone selfless in our lives. They are the sort of people who don’t expect anything in return so a surprise party to say ‘thank you’ would be very special indeed.

9. Just because – Time flies by so quickly, it’s not always easy to see friends as regularly as you might like – so have a party!

If any of these occasions for a party are coming up soon in your life (or someones else’s) then fill in the form below and one of our friendly team members will get back to you to talk through your requirements.

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