James Ellender Founder

Turning Sweet Dreams Into Reality

After years of working in a confectionery business, James Ellender, our very own candy connoisseur, decided he wanted to share the joy of hand making candy with the world.

Create Without Limits

James wanted to create a unique, magical place where people could come to let their imaginations run wild, and turn their candy making dreams into a reality… a place where our Master Candy Makers could teach this delicious craft and pass on their skills and knowledge. And so, five years ago, the first Spun Candy Kitchen was born, in Covent Garden, London.

Very soon however, as demand for our famous Spun masterclasses grew, we ran out of space and moved to a bigger Candy Kitchen in the heart of the City of London.  We can now be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, entertaining, educating and delighting people from all over the world, young and old with our unique Spun Candy Making Masterclasses. Whether it’s lollipops, candy flowers, fudge, honeycomb or brittle, we’ll lead you through a journey of experimentation and push you to new creative heights. Heights you get to show off to your friends and loved ones as you get to take home everything you make.

Artisan Candy Makers

We are the only candy making store where you can hand make your own candy on site in a truly artisan way. Because all our candy is made in small batches by hand, every single piece we make and you make is unique using only the finest vegetarian and vegan-friendly ingredients. We also make candy creations to order, whether it’s our famous candy faces or bespoke candy creations for companies, right here in our open kitchen.

Our mission is to put as many smiles on people’s face as possible, every minute of every day. When you walk through our door or order one of our unique creations, that’s what happens.