Did you know? You can buy personalised lollipops and Candy Face Lollipops direct from our web shop.AT SPUN, we put smiles on faces by showing you the art and science of hand making traditional British candy.

We sing to your tune We make to your order

Our world famous bespoke hard rock candy can be customised just for you.

The Sweetest Gift of them all!

Stuck on what to get someone who seemingly has everything? Then why not gift them smiles and memories.

Our Masterclass gift vouchers give the recipient the choice to choose a day and time to come and experience our wonderful Spun masterclass led by our Master Candy Makers.

Or why not gift them their candied selves. Just send us a picture that captures your loved one’s essence and we’ll do the rest. Or you can all chip in and get the boss their own candy mug-shot…No finger-pointing. We also produce a range of seasonal candy for gifting.  Ramadan and Eid gifts, spooky sugar treats at Halloween, gift jars for hampers… the list is endless.

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Your company Branded Candy

Treat your colleagues and clients to your own unique Company Candy. Tell us what you want and we’ll make it for you.

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Bespoke and Beautiful Wedding Candy

Giving a wedding favour is a sweet way of saying thank you to your guests…a little token to remind them of your big day. What better way to show your appreciation than with a bespoke, personalised candy gift made by us, from you.

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Candy Faces People and Pets

Give the gift of candy immortality. Just send us a picture and let us make you a glorious life-sized candy face of your loved one, your pet or even your boss! We’ll make anything you ask as long as it’s ‘in good taste’.

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Bespoke Candy For any occasion!

Whether you’re looking to recreate your friends face in candy form, add a personal message to a lollipop, or create branded candy with your company logo inside it, we’ve got it candy-covered.

We use only natural fruit flavours and all of our hard candy is delicously vegan-friendly.



A few samples from our Branded Candy Collection